Built-in Extension: RokSprocket, a Multi-Purpose Module

RokSprocket is a revolutionary extension designed to give you an incredible level of control over how you present your content. Sophisticated content filters, robust layout modes and...

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Comes with built-in Revolution Slider - Save $25

Unite Revolution Slider is a product developed by Unite CMS and ThemePunch as one team. We would like to thank TheamPunch for the great opportunity they gave us to work with them...

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Komento: The most powerful commenting system for Joomla

Magazino - Responsive Joomla Template uses the Komento Component, the most powerful commenting system for Joomla. It is fully responsive, supports all major browsers and it is Joomla...

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Powerful T3 Framework's Template Manager

Magazino was built on T3 Framework and this gives you the opportunity to edit our template easily through the powerful T3 Framework's Template Manager. You can edit the layout and module positions, change the style...

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Magazino - Responsive Joomla Template was Built with Bootstrap

Magazino - Responsive Joomla Template is based on T3 Framework which is built with Bootstrap 2.1 Framework. As you can understand, you have the ability to standardize your grid, typography...

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Supports Embeddable Media

With Magazino - Responsive Joomla Template and K2 Component, you can add to your website videos, playlists and many more embeddable media just in a few seconds. The only thing that you have...

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Compatible With Many Extensions

Magazino - Responsive Joomla Template is compatible with unlimited modules/components which can be used for creating an amazing website for your magazine, blog, newspaper and/or...

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Based on T3 Framework

Magazino - Responsive Joomla Templates was created with the powerful T3 Framework. T3 Framework is powered by Joomlart and it comes with amazing features. The current...

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